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Please be aware that your Dec. 9, 2016 paycheck will contain a memo (labeled Other Benefits and Information) regarding HSA contributions and health care premiums for the year. This information is required for your W-2; it reflects pay and benefits you have already received and has no impact on the amount of your paycheck. W-2s are due to be mailed Jan. 31, 2017. ...................... It is time once again for Annual Training. You will be receiving the tests for the 10 mandatory topics in your AccelTrax messages. However, please take the time to review the annual training file. This year’s training and the tests have been revised to include some new information that is being used in the orientation of new employees. You can access the revised annual training file under the “Helpful Links” section of the intranet page. Simply click on the “Annual Training” option. The date for completing this year’s annual training will be November 30, 2016.